Electrification is possible in virtually every sector of the economy. From agriculture and transport, to health and manufacturing. Technical solutions are ready to be implemented, and innovations are within reach. Electrification is the most affordable energy transition solution overall.

Where there is demand, there is supply.

By focusing efforts and policy incentives on the demand side of electrification, the EU can effectively unlock markets and enable innovation. Crucially, this will lay the foundations for a cost- and time-efficient development of a new generation and distribution of electricity. Although the EU Electrification Strategy should not become convoluted by old-school thinking about how, where and when renewable electricity is used, produced and delivered, these are central to solving the consequences of the increased demand. All electric Europe is a connected, innovative and thriving market economy.

The EU Electrification Strategy will be the key enabler in delivering a robust European Green Deal.

It will create a path for the immediate deployment of available technologies that can decarbonise the transport and heating & cooling sectors. It is the most energy efficient and cost-effective way to mitigate climate change and improve the lives of all Europeans. The EU Electrification Strategy will combine with industrial strategy ensuring research, innovation and progress towards the EU’s industrial leadership for a carbon neutral, connected, and just global economy. An ambitious EU Electrification Strategy will effectively support sector- integrated digital economy from the energy networks towards other non- energy sectors like health, retail and agriculture. It will streamline investments from electricity infrastructure, such as smart electricity grids, all the way downstream towards a carbon neutral economy in the regions and the Member States.

In the European Commission's A Clean Planet for All, electrification is both an essential and an understated ingredient in the recipe for a carbon neutral Europe. National studies demonstrate how electrification alone can bring the cuts in emissions needed for the achievement of 2030 goals, and with a push, deliver carbon neutral societies by 2050. The European Green Deal gives us the foundation of a Europe needing to double the share of electricity in total energy consumption by 2050.