All-Electric Europe movement

Electrification is the single most important measure for reducing CO2 emissions in Europe. More electricity means the progress in sustainable, efficient, cost effective, and flexible energy transition. Electrification already drives innovation and new business models. Electricity connect energy transition to many other sectors, such as health, digitalization, innovation, food, ICT, and many more.

Electrification is the key way for fulfilling Green Deal and mitigating climate change. It will strengthen European economies bringing investments in power grids and by creating jobs. It is also the most economic way to deep energy transition, reaching downstream to SMEs and private households.

The EU’s Clean Planet For All strategy recognises that electrification is ‘the most important single driver for a decarbonised energy system.’ It outlines not only potentials of growth of renewable energy sources, but also a foundation for sustainable energy future with connected technologies, from flexible generation over ‘deep demand response’ to energy storage.

All Electric Europe intitative is Energy Norway initative organised as an open movement of organisations and individuals that are working to contribute to full scale electrification debate in the European Union. To join you can email us at or follow us on Twitter